RTLII white label app for TV formats

RTLII white label app for TV formats

Together with customer RTL II, umwerk sets new trends in the development of apps for TV channel formats: In line with the motto "configuring instead of programming," we designed and implemented a modular system that enables to bring new TV format apps fast and flexibly to market. 

Already, the white label app mastered quickly and effectively its first use case: In only 2 weeks, an app for RTL II’s successful format "Love Island" has been configured individually and published in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Just days after airing the 2nd season of "Love Island", the app directly reaching #1 position in the app store Download Charts’ entertainment category, surpassing top dog Netflix. It contains features such as newsfeed, picture galleries, videos, social media integration, interactive surveys and quizzes, as well as innovative swing O-meters, Swiper, etc., and offers high-performance chat and live voting features. Additional apps for various other TV formats are already in the pipeline.

Our customer:

In the increasingly fragmented German TV landscape, RTL II successfully holds its ground as a unique full program and presents a wide range of attractive and vivid content including docusoaps, soaps, news, documentaries and reports as well as series and feature films. RTL II proves to be a strong TV channel brand and succeeds by reaching all audiences equally.


Using innovative apps for TV formats, the RTL II audience is quickly, intuitively and comprehensively supplied with additional content related to the respective program. The aim is to maximize the viewers’ loyalty to the respective formats through information, interaction and integration into social networks. In addition, new advertising spaces can be marketed with the help of the apps.

Since the requirements for apps for different TV shows overlap considerably in terms of features and interaction possibilities, a modular app solution had to be developed that can be customized with low effort – financially and time-related - for the various RTL II programs.

The functionalities of this modular system had to be tailored to the typical requirements of RTL II viewers with special focus on reality TV shows and needed to be inspiring, informative and entertaining. Regarding the customized apps, first-class user experience, intuitive design and excellent performance were at the top of their list of priorities.

Our solution:

To meet these challenges, a customer-centric project was created to develop a technically very sophisticated and high-performance white label app solution for TV formats.

The umwerk team developed a modular system based on a unified and easy-to-administer platform that quickly and cost-effectively enables the creation of high-quality and powerful apps for the TV audience. 

The individual modules of the white label solution are basically independent, but they can be combined and interact with each other at any time. A wide range of configuration options is available for creating new TV program apps.

In order to ensure that the users easily adopt and enjoy the apps generated from the white label solution, the focus of the product development was on intuitive UI design and ease of use. Thanks to the use of standard UI components, all parts of the modular system can be parameterized and the visual design is ready to be customized by skinning the UI components. 

The white label app was developed for iOS and Android and underwent continuous testing, allowing agile adjustments.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) delivers the high-performance backend which is also dynamically scalable. Thus, even very high selective loads which are common for chats and live TV votings with a six-digit number of participants, can be intercepted.

Our project deliverables:


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