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"hansgrohe home" App

Smart shower experience for body and soul.

Together with hansgrohe and our and our strategic partner Phoenix Design, we have created a comprehensive shower system that enables the user to control water temperature and intensity digitally, synchronizing it with light, scent and music. The prize-winning Rainfinity shower family, as well as the „hansgrohe home" app developed by umwerk, are a part of the Smart Living solution, which was first introduced to experts in the field in March 2019 at the ISH in Frankfurt. Innovative technology meets the fascinating natural element of water for the ultimate multi-sensory shower experience - this is our creation.

Our client:

hansgrohe as a part of Hansgrohe Group is a premium brand for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks. State-of-the-art award-winning products set to design the water flow in kitchens and bathrooms. This is where we relax, unwind and spend time with our loved ones; water plays the primary role in our lives - so hansgrohe strives to make every encounter with water a unique experience. hansgrohe creates ground-breaking solutions that combine outstanding design, long-lasting quality and intelligent functions for maximum ease of use.

Our goal:

Showering is not just a way of maintaining personal hygiene. It is also a ritual that should always adapt to our changing needs. It is a perfect start to the day, an opportunity to cool down and freshen up after sports and the calming and relaxing preparation for a good night's sleep.

Our goal is to build a platform that goes far beyond the standardized smart home solutions, the one that creates an individual and unique shower experience. The digital shower takes into account people's preferences and shower needs. It surprises and amazes the user, but also drives the digital transformation of our client hansgrohe.

Our solution:

In order to achieve our goals, we started an agile project based on Scrum. The primary focus was on the user and his needs. Our experts from umwerk developed an individual solution based on cloud-backend, mobile apps and embedded software for the digital control units. The components of the system communicate in real-time with the AWS IoT platform. 

The hansgrohe home app offers multi-sensory showering scenarios, the so-called "RainTunes", that are controlled digitally and are tailored to people's everyday lives and moods. Each and every RainTune scenario synchronizes intensity and temperature of the water with light, music, videos and other multimedia applications. The app connects with hansgrohe products via WiFi network and can additionally be connected with other smart home devices by selected partners. 

The app was developed for iOS and Android. Continuous testing and attention to feedback from users' panel were important parts of the progress, which led to the high quality of the product.

The infrastructure for the digital ecosystem is fully cloud-based. This enables flexible operation, high scalability and a smooth launch on the global market - in China, for example.

Some of the key features of the modular system are the Single-Sign-On System (SSO), powerful specialized databases for processing event and telemetry data, an extensive REST-API and integration of AWS IoT Core, which functions as a real-time MQTT messaging backbone.

Project deliverables:

• Agile project management (Scrum)
• Smart living app development for iOS and Android
• Backend development (Symfony 4 framework)
• Embedded development Qt
• Quality assurance
• Managed infrastructure services

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