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Commercial and private customers can easily purchase agricultural products from BayWa through the BayWa Portal App.

In addition to automatically updated weather data, the app provides customers with the latest information on agricultural topics. BayWa can send current offers via push notifications through the app. Additionally, contact with customer service can be made directly through the app.


  • Agile project management (SCRUM, in Jira/Confluence)
  • Interface connections: Keycloak, Analytics (Google)
  • App Development Android/ iOS (Hybrid, Flutter)
  • Quality assurance
BayWa Portal Flutter App
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BayWa Portal Flutter App


No specific requirements were known at the start of the project; these were developed together with the customer.

The customer expected a very fast development of an MVP with a lean budget. The focus was on the needs of the end users, the transaction security and necessary changes to the interfaces. A particular challenge was the partial integration of the web frontend into the BayWa Portal App, especially when synchronizing sessions or tokens.


The first step was to create a solid development architecture and UI/UX planning in collaboration with the customer.

UMWERK was able to present a working MVP within a short time. The app was then continuously developed and finally released successfully. The project plan was adjusted in an agile manner according to the customer’s needs and budget. Our team ensured the smooth integration of the new app into the existing BayWa infrastructure. Users can log in to the store securely via the BayWa Portal app and make purchases conveniently.

BayWa Portal Flutter App


The following technologies were used in this project:
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Successful digitalization through custom app for BayWa

Thanks to our customized solution, BayWa was able to successfully develop digitally and optimize its internal processes. We developed the BayWa Portal App with state-of-the-art technology to improve customer communication and ensure efficient workflows. Do you have similar challenges and want to take your business digital? Get in touch with us today and start your own journey into the digital future.
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