LUQEL - Personalized Water

LUQEL has set itself the goal of improving the way people drink water.
The main initiative was the development of the Water Station: an IoT device with innovative dosing technology and a multi-stage filtration system that provides users with clear water with a unique taste that is tailored to their personal needs.


  • Agile project management (Scrum)
  • Cloud backend development
  • MQTT communication with IoT device
  • App development for iOS and Android
  • Website (incl. CMS) and online shop frontend
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Luqel Water Balancer App


LUQEL’s IoT ecosystem is intended to act as a central hub for several digital products and many events. The biggest technical challenge lay in connecting two event bus architectures in separate clouds.

In addition to the complex software development, the (digital) business process was created at the same time, the hardware was further developed and product sales started in parallel.


e designed and implemented a powerful software system that can process a huge number of events. To do this, we combined two event bus architectures from separate clouds and created the option for backward and forward compatibility for events and messages – the biggest IoT milestone for LUQEL.

At the same time, the “LUQEL Water Balancer App” for iOS and Android was created, which can be integrated with IoT and NFC devices. Users can keep an eye on their daily water consumption, read information on local drinking water quality and receive news and statistics about their “Water Station”.



The following technologies were used in this project:
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AWS IoT Core
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